Zeek Shop - Gifting & B2B Store

Send Gift Cards to your loved ones, or save on Gift Cards with Zeek Extra

Zeek Shop is the sister website of Zeek Marketplace. Zeek Shop targets two main user types: First, people who want to send their loved ones gift cards, exposing them to choose from the rich selection offered by Zeek, or send a Zeek Choice gift card – allowing the recipient of the gift to choose themselves which brands they would like to purchase. The other target audience is savvy shoppers arriving from cashback websites such as Quidco and TopCashback – allowing these users to purchase gift cards via their accumulated cashback.

The Homepage

Because of the many types of potential visitors to the Zeek Shop website, it was important to portray on the home page all that Zeek Shop had to offer to its visitors. The main navigation included the main things a user could do – buy gift cards, redeem a code for a Zeek Choice multi-branded gift card, and for the business buyers, the page with the content tailored especially for them.

The homepage includes a grid of the best-selling gift card brands, a short and concise explanation about Zeek Shop, as well as more information about Zeek in the form of links to articles in the various magazines where Zeek was mentioned, as well as user reviews, to inspire trust.

The Catalogue

The catalogue page includes all of Zeek’s brands, with the options to filter according to different categories, in the latest version the option to filter between gift cards that could be sent as a gift as opposed to gift cards that were only for self-use was added.

One of the main benefits of Zeek Shop is the ability to top up and get extra value for the user’s money. At the top of the catalogue page the user could see their current balance, as well as a quick option to top up.

Send a Gift - Send a Smile

The customization screen includes the option to choose a decorative theme – Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, hearts, etc. On the right side the preview is updated automatically with the recipient’s and the sender’s name, as well as the message as they are added, together with the themes as they are replaced.

We’ve added the business page to the Zeek Shop website in order for businesses to be able to learn of all the ways they could use Zeek Choice, the gift card that included top UK brands, as gifts for their employees, for the holidays or any other event.

For the Christmas season we’ve added some decorative elements to the page, in addition to the different features Zeek Choice had to offer, the various brands Zeek is working with, and of course a decorated Contact Us form.