Zeek Android App

New Home screen Concept

The Story

Zeek is an online marketplace that enables its users to sell unwanted vouchers in exchange for cash and purchase discounted gift cards

The current main screen of the Zeek Android and iOS apps is the Catalogue. The Catalogue screen includes gift cards of all supported brands. The user can search for brands, filter and sort the brands. However, the screen did not present the other rich features the app offered – such as the option to sell gift cards, view gift cards that’s been purchased or share the app with a friend and get Zeek credit.

The Research

Average session duration as well as engagement were low. In order to improve these metrics, I suggested to change the main screen from Catalogue to Home, by including several components in a fluid, dynamic layout which could change in accordance to the main objectives of the product team.

Having spoken to the marketing, BI, and product teams and collected requirements and ‘nice to haves’ from the different teams, I created a list of components that would be added to the new screen. My objectives were:

  • Encourage engagement
  • Additional room for marketing content
  • Promote the feature of selling gift cards
  • Promote sharing Zeek app with friends
  • Encourage search
  • Allow quick access to categories

The Concept

During the research phase, I’ve looked at competitor’s apps such as Raise, RetailMeNot and Shopback, but also at e-commerce apps such as eBay, Amazon, AliExpress, and also Fiverr, AirBnb and Udemy, to understand best practices, as well as their strengths and weaker points.

Following my research, I’ve decided to suggest the following:

  • Open the search bar
  • Add pagination to the top banner to enable several marketing items to be shown, animated
  • Add sticky categories at the top of the page to show the richness of our inventory
  • Add personalized content in the form of items the user has viewed in the past, items that might interest them following previous purchases, etc.
  • For users who haven’t logged in, add incentive to log in and enjoy the personalization that the app can offer
  • Change top navigation to bottom navigation, to make it more accessible and the search more prominent

The Prototype