Efficiently transfer money, to anyone, anywhere

The Story

Many of the people who immigrate to the US for work purposes, in order to support their families who remain in their origin country. inTransaction connects between the two sides, makes it easy to transfer money to loved ones, or to any recipient, whether it is a one-time transfer, or a recurring one.


Choose Recipient

Select from a list of people to whom you've transferred money in the past, or add a new recipient.

Select Currency

Every recipient is different - select the currency they would like to receive, and have the sum converted to your local currency.

Add a Message

Is it a birthday, a holiday, or payment for a service? Add any note to the transaction.

The Challenges

Because the app had to work for young and adults, with different devices and from different cultures, it was important to keep the UX and UI clean and as simple as possible. The flows had to be clear of noise, and include only the most necessary steps. This is why I chose to add the currency converter inline – a user could see their current balance in their currency, and then see how much of their balance will be deducted after the transfer was complete. They could also tell the other party exactly how much they transferred, in the recipient’s own currency.

If a user wanted to send transactions every month on a certain date, they could set up a recurring transaction, for example in order to pay rent. These kinds of transactions would be marked differently in the transactions list in order to be easily monitored, and the user could filter only recurring transactions or only one-time transactions.