Cryptocurrency Transfer Concept

Simplifying the mystique of Crypto – Part I

Cryptocurrency has been considered by many as something dark, not very clear, sometimes grey at best, territory. Numerous apps exists that handle crypto transactions, wallets, and other blockchain-related issues. This relatively new territory has a serious learning curve, and app creators need to understand to what extend they want to clarify the process and make it accessible for their users.

In this concept, I took one part of this subject – the sending flow – and decided to create an intuitive design, with the optimal user experience for the beginner, as well as for the pro users; whether it’s for the person who is sending their first transaction, or their hundredth.

Recipient Selection

I wanted to add several ways for the user to select the recipient by adding the options to search, scan, or paste a code. Additionally I considered about adding either recents or favourites at the beginning of the contacts list and ended up choosing recents as it would require no special effort from the user’s end (such as it would to choose favourites).

Transfer Value and Currency Selection

On the value selection screen, I added the option to change the currency that is being sent, by tapping on the blue text button (in this case BTC) next to the sum input field, considering the fact that a user might have several currencies in their wallet, and might want to switch. This wasn’t a central enough feature for me so I decided to keep it expandable rather than open at all times, so that the most critical content could fit into the smallest screen size and resolution.

Additionally, I’ve added the user’s current balance in dollars. If we received permission for the user’s location we might be able to change it to their local currency, which would be more helpful and informative.