Little Bits of Creativity

Every little idea has its story to tell.

El Al Boarding Pass

Design of a Boarding Pass inside an iOS El Al app. Including all the immediate data the user might want, and a QR code for the scanner at the flight boarding.

Child Tracker Concept

Concept for an app that allows parents to keep track of their children – including battery level, the ability to call, message or navigate to the child.

Pro Chat

Chat screen of a communication app for professionals to converse, share pictures and set meetings with their clients. Experimenting with a dark theme.

Percentage Calculator

This two-screen iOS app is for those who want to know the discounted price without too much hassle. Easily calculate how much is X of Y, and how much discount one would get off of a certain sum.

Check Out Flow

Experimenting with the checkout flow, and how to make it more interactive and fun, by adding the required information on the card itself. Every field is focusable and editable.

Search with Filters

Search animation with filters – for getting exactly the kind of results a user is interested in finding – in this case, searching within favorites, locations or resent searches.

El Grande Armchair

Product page including 360 degrees view, color selection, spec and sharing option. Playing with yellow and purple palette.