Zeek Gifting App

The Zeek Gifting app is a complimentary app to the Zeek Shop website – allowing users to send gift cards as gifts to their friends and loved ones with an intuitive and fun flow, introducing added value such as contact selection and smart customisation. I led the design of the app for both Android and iOS.

Cryptocurrency Transfer Concept

In this concept, I took one part of the crypto app – the sending flow – and decided to create an intuitive design, with the optimal user experience for the beginner, as well as for the pro users; whether it’s for the person who is sending their first transaction, or their hundredth.

Zeek Shop

The new website of Zeek – a Gift Card Marketplace. Newly launched, including the option to send Gift Cards for your loved ones.

Vonage Business Essentials – UX/UI Overhaul

Vonage Business Essentials is a cross-platform B2B VoIP app that allows users to have all their business communication available to them whether they are at the office or away. The overhaul of the Android and iOS apps included large and small scale UI and UX changes.

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Zeek Android App
New Home Screen Concept

Redesign concept for main screen of Zeek Android app, replacing the Catalogue screen with a dynamic Feed.

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Zeek – Shopping Cart

Zeek is the biggest UK gift card marketplace. I was the lead designer of the shopping cart feature, giving the users the capability to select gift cards from several brands as opposed to only one brand.

CommBoards – Android Speech Assistance

CommBoards enables children and people of all ages with limited expressive abilities to express themselves by tapping on a picture or a symbol.

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Interpreter – Live Call Translation

Interpreter is an iOS application translating real-time conversations, allowing users to do international business without the language barrier.

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inTransaction – Money Transfer App

inTransaction helps immigrants that come to study or work in the US transform money back to their families and friends at home in an easy, intuitive way.

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Creative Bits

A collection of mobile and web explorations.

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